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Definition: 1. an outward appearance of something, usually intended to be misleading; 2. a resembling of something else; 3. a small amount or faint trace of something

Synonyms: appearance, façade, look, guise, resemblance, similarity, likeness, illusion, trace, suggestion

Antonyms: difference

Tips: Semblance is derived from the Old French word sembler, “to seem,” which originated from the Latin simulare, "to imitate or resemble." This is also the root of the word resemble. Use semblance as a more sophisticated way of saying "outward appearance." Semblance also denotes likeness or similarity, whether real or intentionally misleading (like facade).

Usage Examples:

She was a very good sketch artist, and even when she worked quickly, her drawings had an unmistakable semblance of the person she had sketched. (likeness, similarity)

He didn't even show a semblance of remorse. (appearance)

The manager decided to hire the first person with a semblance of professionalism. (appearance, suggestion)

Although there wasn’t much work to be done, I tried to maintain a semblance of keeping busy. (appearance, façade)

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