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Definition: perfectly consistent and allowing for smooth transition and continuity

Synonyms: consistent, coherent, smooth, unwrinkled

Antonyms: rough, inconsistent

Tips: When something is seamless, it means that there is no noticeable change from one part to the next--it is "without seams." Seamless is often used to describe a perfect plan or plot. Although seamless is often used literally, to describe a stocking without seams, the word is often used more figuratively in business, to describe a smooth transition. The adverb seamlessly refers to something that has been executed smoothly and without any awkward transitions.

Usage Examples:

Our company organized a series of seamless conventions and everyone seemed impressed. (consistent, perfectly executed)

The movie’s seamless plot kept me engaged and guessing at the outcome until the very end. (perfectly executed)

I hoped that the transition from my old computer operating system to my new one would be seamless. (smooth)

It was a seamless execution of a difficult project, and the client was pleased. (smooth)

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