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Definition: 1. pleasant to taste or smell; 2. salty or sharp-tasting rather than sweet 3. respectable and socially acceptable

Synonyms: pleasing, tasty, delectable, delicious, scrumptious, palatable, respectable

Antonyms: inedible, disgusting, yucky

Tips: The related verb, to savor, means "to greatly enjoy and fully appreciate." Savory foods are ones you want to savor. Savory is also a noun referring to an herb in the mint family or to an aromatic or spicy dish. Something that is sweet and savory is sweet and spicy or salty. Some people like to dip their bacon into their maple syrup because they enjoy the sweet and savory combination.

Usage Examples:

All the dishes at the party were savory; I couldn't pick just one favorite. (delicious, tasty)

After his arrest for embezzlement, his reputation became anything but savory. (respectable)

The dinner was so delicious I savored every bite. (enjoyed, appreciated) verb

The combination of cheese and apples made for a sweet and savory flavor. (salty, spicy)

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