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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) 1. punitive action intended to pressure a country into following international laws; 2. punishment for breaking rules or regulations; 3. official support for something; (v.) to give authority or approval

Synonyms: authorization, approval, punishment, penalty, boycott, decree, approve, endorse, allow

Antonyms: reward, impede, prevent

Tips: Sanction is derived from the Latin sanctus, which means "to confirm, ratify." This is the base for the verb form of sanction: to give authority or approval. Often used in religious discussions: "The bishop was officially sanctioned (authorized) by the pope," or in business: "He was officially santioned (approved) by the board of directors as the new CEO." Sanction has also come to mean "punishment." It is most often used when referring to matters of foreign relations.

Usage Examples:

The country will face severe sanctions if the government does not put an end to the genocide happening there. (penalties) noun

After receiving sanction from the council, we went ahead with the plan. (authorization, approval) noun

Many nations impose trade sanctions in order to pressure others to action. (penalties, boycotts) noun

My parents would not sanction my marriage to a much older man, so we decided to elope. (approve, allow) verb

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