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Definition: 1. a separation between people or a group; 2. a fissure, or gap, usually in the earth, rock, or clouds

Synonyms: separation, estrangement, breach, spilt, dissension, divide, crack, gap, chasm, fault

Antonyms: unity, harmony, togetherness

Tips: The word rift literally means "a large crack or geological fault line." Figuratively, it is used as a more sophisticated way of describing a large gap between two opposing sides or ideas. There is also a verb definition of rift, with the meaning "to divide, split, or penetrate."

Usage Examples:

It was just one argument, but it created a permanent rift between them. (split, estrangement)

They had traveled many miles when they came upon a rift that was too wide to cross. (chasm, crevasse, divide)

Their opposing views of how to run the company created a big rift between their management teams. (separation, divide)

I donít think they will be able to come to a compromise; the rift between their two ideas is too wide. (gap, divide)

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