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Definition: 1. refer or assign to another person for decision or judgment; 2. assign to a class or particular kind; 3. to demote somebody or something to an obscure status or condition

Synonyms: accredit, assign, charge, consign, transfer, entrust, allocate, classify, appropriate, stipulate, demote, deport, dismiss, banish

Antonyms: withhold, adopt, embrace, promote, invite, welcome

Tips: Relegation is a related word and denotes a process of movement into a different rank or position. Someone can face relegation as a result of poor performance. A topic can be relegated to the middle of the newspaper if it does not warrant front page placement. To relegate a task is to entrust it to someone else. This usage of the word is common in business.

Usage Examples:

Janet needed to relegate her research to colleagues so she could rush to meet her boss for their appointment. (assign, consign)

There is some disagreement whether the tomato is relegated a fruit or a vegetable. (classified)

Since the company couldn't force him to retire, he was relegated to a titular position without any power or purpose. (banished, demoted)

I was relegated to the sidelines for the rest of the soccer season, due to my broken ankle. (banished, dismissed)

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