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Definition: 1. characterized by unnecessary repetition, especially of a word or phrase, such as two synonyms used in conjunction; 2. cluttered with more than is needed

Synonyms: repetitious, repetitive, superfluous, excessive, verbose, unnecessary, prolix, loquacious

Antonyms: non-repetitive, deficient, insufficient, meager, moderate, abridged

Tips: Something redundant is unnecessary because it has already been said or done--it's repetetive. In business, a job position may be deemed redundant because two people may have been hired to do basically the same job. In speech or writing, people often don't realize when they are being redundant, using phrases like "little tiny..." The related noun redundancy is the characteristic or action of being redundant, and therefore, unnecessary.

Usage Examples:

It seemed redundant to keep her schedule in both her day planner and her palm pilot. (unnecessary, excessive)

Please don't call and e-mail me regarding the same thing; it's so redundant. (repetitive, unnecessary)

At the risk of sounding redundant, I really need to reiterate this point. (verbose, repetitive)

The article was redundant and didn't shed any new light on the subject, but repeated the same old ideas in various ways. (repetitious, superfluous)

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