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Definition: 1. to receive back or to pay off a debt; 2. to get back into somebody's favor or good opinion; 3. to improve or make up for something; 4. to pay off or compensate for something

Synonyms: fulfill, satisfy, recover, atone, convert, exchange, improve, absolve, repay

Antonyms: condemn

Tips: You will often hear redeem used in phrases like "redeem your check," or "redeem your coupon," which means "to execute or convert your check or coupon to cash or something of value." The related adjective redeeming often connotes something positive making up for something negative. Redemptive signifies having the power or ability to redeem something. In Christianity, redemption refers to the power of Christ's sacrifice to atone for people's sins. When you make up for doing something wrong or hurting someone, you redeem yourself.

Usage Examples:

After making the mistake, he fervently looked for a way to redeem himself. (absolve, atone)

The fact that I got to redeem my coupon for free popcorn was the only redeeming feature of the awful movie. (convert, exchange; satisfying, compensating) adjective

When you consistently put money into an IRA account, you hope you will eventually redeem more money than you put in. (recover)

Hes not one of our brightest employees, but he has many redeeming qualities that make him a pleasure to have. (saving, compensating) adjective

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