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Definition: 1. to restore harmony or end conflict; 2. to accept as inevitable; 3. to make two or more conflicting things compatible or consistent with each other

Synonyms: settle, resolve, pacify, resign, submit, yield, persuade, convince, win over, adjust, conform

Antonyms: estrange, separate, sever

Tips: Reconcile is derived from the Latin reconciliare, which literally means, “to make friendly again.” The related noun reconciliation refers to restoring a relationship or accepting an unpleasant situation or fate. Reconcile is often used in accounting and finance to describe adjusting or correcting numbers. To reconcile (yourself) to a situation is to accept it even if it is unpleasant or painful. To reconcile is to also balance two opposing beliefs or philosophies: "How do you reconcile your affinity for leather clothes with your opposition to eating beef and killing cows?"

Usage Examples:

The union leaders reconciled with the company when both succumbed to compromise. (settled)

When Jane and Stewart realized that their long-standing feud was affecting the whole family, they decided to reconcile their differences. (resolve, settle)

We will need to reconcile all the cancelled checks against invoices to verify that we paid all our expenses. (adjust)

She reconciled herself to the fact that she would never become a famous actress. (resigned)

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