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Definition: 1. to renounce a, usually controversial, belief; 2. to take back a statement made earlier

Synonyms: renounce, retract, abjure, deny, withdraw, rescind

Antonyms: reaffirm

Tips: When someone recants (rejects a previously held belief), it is often done in public and is often a result of outside pressure or disapproval. A usage note: recant does not always take an object; in such cases, the implied object is the actor's views, beliefs, or previous statements: "After years of silence, he publicly recanted."

Usage Examples:

Nothing could make him recant his love for her. (deny, renounce)

When Martin Luther espoused views that opposed the traditional beliefs of the Catholic Church, religious leaders asked him to recant. (retract his views, withdraw his claims)

Iíd like to recant that statement; I really didnít mean it the way it sounded. (retract, withdraw)

The newspaper was forced to recant a published article when it found that many of the sources had been falsified. (retract)

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