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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) to reject or refuse sharply and with criticism; (n.) 1. a rude or curt rejection of an offer or advance; 2. a sudden block or setback of progress

Synonyms: (v.) snub, reject, repel, deny, refuse, spurn, (n.) snub, block, setback

Antonyms: (v.) accept, approve

Tips: A rebuff is an unkind denial of a request or advance--it's basically a snub. Use rebuff to denote an open rejection of a request or offer. To rebuff someone is more than just refusing their request, it's refusing in an unfriendly manner. Rebuff is synonymous with spurn. If you spurn someone, you reject them because you are contemptuous of them and you feel they are beneath you and not worthy of your attention--you are rejecting them with disdain. If you rebuff someone, you openly reject them in an unfriendly manner, but it is not as harsh as spurn.

Usage Examples:

She asked for help, but he rebuffed her, saying he only helped his real friends. (snubbed) verb

Her rebuff stung, since his offer had been kind and sincere. (snub, refusal) noun

I rebuffed my annoying co-worker with a harsh comment. (repelled, spurned)

He felt rebuffed when his boss openly criticized him during the meeting. (spurned, snubbed) adjective

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