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Definition: 1. to overcome, stop, or suppress something; 2. to calm or allay something, like a fear

Synonyms: defeat, crush, subdue, suppress, overcome, squelch, calm, ease, allay, quiet, assuage

Antonyms: incite, increase, magnify

Tips: Quell is derived from the Old English cwellan, which means "to kill." Quell still means "to stop or suppress something," to essentially kill it.

Usage Examples:

The school administrators tried to quell the rumor that they were raising registration fees. (deaden, squelch)

Police were brought in to quell the rioters. (subdue, suppress)

Firefighters quelled the fire before it did major damage. (suppressed, overcame)

She tried to quell my anxiety by telling jokes as we waited for the news. (ease, allay)

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