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Definition: claimed or supposed, but not proven

Synonyms: alleged, supposed, professed, reputed, claimed, implied

Antonyms: proven

Tips: Purported is synonymous with alleged. If something is purported it is believed to be true, but not yet verified or confirmed. Usually, there is doubt as to the veracity or truthfulness of what is purported or believed to be true. If something is alleged, it is usually an activity that is believed to have taken place, but has not yet been proven. Alleged is often used to describe criminal activities: "He allegedly robbed the bank, but it is still under investigation." The difference between the two words is very subtle. The verb purport means "to claim, imply, or indicate."

Usage Examples:

The candidate was so nervous during his interview, his purported knowledge and intelligence were not adequately displayed. (alleged, reputed)

Journalists purport to be objective, but many of them are, in fact, biased. (claim, profess) verb

The study purports to reveal why some people have a harder time losing weight than others, but the claims are rather weak. (professes, claims) verb

The plan was purported to be foolproof, but we found out otherwise. (alleged, professed) verb

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