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Definition: 1. strong and sharp in taste or smell; 2. strong and biting in expression

Synonyms: bitter, tangy, tart, biting, spicy, sharp, caustic, cutting, penetrating

Antonyms: bland, sweet, mild

Tips: Pungent is derived from the Latin pungere, which means "to pierce, prick, or sting." Think of a very strong flavor that is tart and biting, almost pricking or "puncturing" the tongue. The related noun pungency refers to a strong or tangy odor or taste or humor with a biting quality. The word poignant also comes from the same Latin root word and is used to refer to sharp, piercing emotions, speech, and sometimes taste and smell. Pungent is more often used to describe taste or smell, while poignant is more often used to describe emotions.

Usage Examples:

The pungent smells from the Korean restaurant permeated the neighborhood. (spicy, sharp)

The politician used pungent commentary when referring to his opponent. (biting, bitter)

If the barbecue sauce lacks pungency, add some onions and mustard. (strength, tanginess) noun

On of my favorite dishes is sweet and pungent shrimp. (tangy, spicy)

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