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Definition: intending to stimulate or excite

Synonyms: inflammatory, aggravating, arousing, challenging, disturbing, exciting, stimulating, inspirational

Antonyms: common, dull, un-inspirational

Tips: Provocative is derived from the Latin provocare, which means "to call forth." Provocative describes things that call forth emotion, stimulate, or excite. The related verb provoke means "to cause a strong reaction, bring about, or incite." The phrase "thought-provoking" is a great phrase to describe any question or discussion that provokes you to think about an issue, problem, or question in greater detail. If something is provocative it will make you think. It could be good or it could be bad, but either way, it will provoke thought. If behavior or clothing is characterized as provocative, it is usually intended to cause sexual desire.

Usage Examples:

She gave him a provocative smile as she slowly and deliberately crossed her legs. (sexually exciting, arousing)

The movie was very provocative; everyone left the theater emotional. (disturbing, challenging, stimulating)

Her provocative statements anger some people, but most often, they lead to stimulating discussion. (challenging, stimulating)

Donít you think that dress is a bit too provocative for a conservative company party? (exciting, arousing)

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