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Definition: ability to tell the future

Synonyms: clairvoyance, foresight, anticipation, intuition, prophesy, precognition, vision


Tips: Prescience is probably best remembered by breaking the word down: pre, "before" + science, "knowledge." Therefore, prescience is having prior knowledge about something by being able to predict the future. Prescient is the adjective, meaning "foresighted, prophetic, or perceptive."

Usage Examples:

George Orwell wrote with eerie prescience, foreshadowing many of the shortcomings of modern life. (precognition, foresight)

The forefathers of the United States had the prescience to know that a system of checks and balances is needed in a democratic society. (vision, foresight)

She made a prescient prediction that it would rain on the day of her wedding, and it did. (prophetic) adjective

Her prescience amazed her friends, and they insisted that she must be psychic. (clairvoyance, intuition)

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