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Definition: 1. a distinctively superior advantage; 2. an exclusive privilege granted by birth, rank, or office.

Synonyms: privilege, right, choice, due

Antonyms: disadvantage, restriction

Tips: Prerogative is derived from Latin and has always referred to a "special right." The original Latin word, prærogativus, referred to special citizens who were allowed to vote first. Prerogative has expanded to refer to the special rights of royalty--if you are born with rights and privileges that others do not have, those rights and privileges are your prerogatives. In modern day communication, use prerogative as a more sophisticated way of referring to any right, privilege, or choice that one may have. See usage examples.

Usage Examples:

When you are the first one to arrive, it's your prerogative to choose where you want to sit. (advantage, privilege)

As project leader, it's my prerogative to chose who I want to be on my team and what I would like them to do. (advantage, privilege, right)

Jack makes all of the major decisions at our company--as the President and CEO, that's his prerogative. (privilege, right)

It’s hard to believe that in the U.S. and in most European countries, suffrage (the right to vote) was the prerogative of only white, adult males for many years. (right, privilege)

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