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Definition: 1. to be more important or significant; 2. to weigh more heavily

Synonyms: dominate, predominate, command, control, prevail, overshadow, lead, abound, outweigh

Antonyms: follow, yield

Tips: Preponderate is related to the words ponderous and ponder. With all these words, the essential meaning focuses on weight, in a figurative sense. When something preponderates something else, it outweighs it in importance, just as when something that is ponderous is weighty, and when one ponders a decision, one weighs it in one's mind. The difference between the verbs predominate and preponderate is that when something predominates, it comes before another thing in importance, it is a priority; whereas when something preponderates, it is more weighty and important. The noun preponderance means "greater weight, importance, or influence." Preponderance is often used in legal settings to discuss evidence--whichever side has the preponderance of the evidence on their side should win the case. The adjective form is preponderant.

Usage Examples:

There were many animals at the shelter, but dogs preponderated. (dominated, prevailed)

Homework doesn't preponderate her thoughts; shopping with her friends is much more important to her. (dominate, command)

He appealed the verdict, saying that the evidence preponderates the court's decision. (outweighs, overshadows)

Finishing this project currently holds preponderance over my social calendar. (dominance, weight, importance) noun

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