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verb, adjective

Definition: (v.) 1. to have or gain greater importance, significance, or quantity; 2. to appear very large or occupy a commanding position; (adj.) of greater importance, power, or influence

Synonyms: (v.) dominate, prevail, surpass, outweigh, preponderate, rule, overrule, (adj.) important, significant, large, prevailing, dominant

Antonyms: follow, surrender

Tips: Note the different pronunciations of the word predominate, depending on whether it is used as a verb or an adjective. As a verb, the letter "a" is elongated, whereas in the adjective form, "a" is short. In either case, the word focuses on the importance of one thing over another. Note: the adjective predominant is similar in meaning to the adjective form of predominate. Predominant is used more often and means "most common" or "most important."

Usage Examples:

In most countries, soccer is the predominate sport. (prevailing, dominant) adjective

He predicted that the new comedy would predominate at the box office this weekend. (prevail, dominate) verb

In most classic story lines, good predominates over evil. (prevails, rules) verb

As a journalism major, English and communication classes will be my predominant courses of study. (important, dominant) adjective

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