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Definition: 1. to state or affirm that something is true; 2. to use something as a foundation or justification for an action or opinion; 3. to imply something

Synonyms: affirm, allege, avow, state, declare, base, found, imply, connote, suggest


Tips: You may hear an attorney make a statement like, "The charges are predicated on lies." This means "the charges have been based and developed on lies." If an idea or argument is predicated on something, it depends on the existence or truth of that thing. So if a lawyer can prove that charges are predicated on lies, they can prove the charges are false. Predicate is a rather formal word, used in more formal situations, not often in everyday conversation. It is related to the word affirm. See affirm for additional analysis.

Usage Examples:

One cannot predicate that higher interest rates were the sole cause for our economic recession. (affirm, declare)

The sales forecast is predicated on increased customer demand; if we don't recognize that increase in demand, the forecast will have to be scaled down accordingly. (based, built, founded)

The lawyer claimed that the charges against his client were predicated on lies. (based, built, declared)

My problem with your business plan is that the success of the company is predicated on the adoption of this new technology, and I'm not so sure that will take place. (based, founded)

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