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Definition: 1. something which happened or existed before; 2. an indication that someone or something is approaching; 3. in chemistry, a substance from which another is formed

Synonyms: forerunner, predecessor, originator, messenger, trailblazer, ancestor, founder, prototype

Antonyms: follower

Tips: Precursor is derived from the Latin praecursor, "to run before." Precursor is often used to describe technology. Although the original use of precursor was to describe people, the word is more often used to describe anything, which happened or existed before another thing, especially if it either developed into it or had an influence on it. When describing people, it may be more appropriate to use the word, predecessor. The adjective precursory is used to describe things that come at the beginning, like an introduction, and means "initial, preliminary."

Usage Examples:

The precursor to our current network infrastructure was slow and bulky. (forerunner)

After his precursory statements outlining the project, we got into the heart of the meeting. (introductory, first, initial) adjective

Our new business model is much more streamlined and efficient, compared to its precursor. (forerunner, prototype)

During a precursory inspection of the house, I failed to notice many or its problems. (initial, preliminary) adjective

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