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Definition: 1. characterized by early development or maturity; 2. blossoming or appearing early (flowers and plants)

Synonyms: smart, advanced, intelligent, early, developed, mature, sassy

Antonyms: slow, behind, trailing

Tips: Although precocious can be used to describe anyone, it is most often used when referring to children who act older than their age. Although it's generally a compliment to describe an intelligent and advanced child, it can also be used disapprovingly if a child is being too bold or sassy for his or her age. Note: a child who is precocious is often a prodigy (an exceptional talent).

Usage Examples:

The precocious boy refused to sit at the children's table. (sassy, advanced)

As a child, she had a precocious talent for the piano, playing concerts at the age of six. (advanced, early)

The magnolia tree usually has a precocious flowering; its flowers blossom before it grows leaves. (early)

My friend's daughter is so precocious, she asked to have a part-time job at the age of seven. (mature, advanced)

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