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Definition: 1. guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory or ideology; 2. relating to matters of fact and practicality

Synonyms: realistic, down-to-earth, practical, sensible, matter-of-fact, logical

Antonyms: ideological, unrealistic

Tips: Pragmatic is derived from the Latin word pragmaticus, "skilled in business or law." In order to be successful in business or law, you have to be pragmatic (guided by practical experience) in your decisions. Pragmatic often refers to people who are hardheaded but, for the most part, is a positive term for sensible and practical people and ideas. To say that somebody is pragmatic is generally a compliment. Pragmatism is the related noun that denotes dealing with a problem in a realistic and logical way.

Usage Examples:

He tends to have a more pragmatic approach to solving problems, versus others in the company, who tend to be overly idealistic. (logical, practical)

He didnít feel that ideology had a place in politics and preferred to take a pragmatic approach to the issues. (realistic, down-to-earth, logical)

I prefer to associate with people who have a pragmatic attitude and approach to life, rather than those who are idealistic and unrealistic. (realistic, down-to-earth, sensible)

I admire her pragmatism, but I think she would have more fun if she allowed some emotion and spontaneity to enter her life. (sensibility, realism, practicality) noun

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