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Definition: easily irritated or angered, especially in a childish way

Synonyms: moody, crabby, cranky, grouchy, angry, testy, sulky

Antonyms: good-natured, easygoing

Tips: Petulant is derived from the Latin petulans, which means "insolent." Someone petulant is insolent and irritated easily, often in an immature or unreasonable way. The noun petulance refers to crankiness. Petulant is a more sophisticated way of describing someone who is being cranky and irritable, especially without a real reason. Petulant is similar in meaning to irascible and belligerent. See irascible for a detailed analysis.

Usage Examples:

The petulant child threw a fit when he couldn't find his toy. (cranky, sulky)

She's a good soccer player, but whenever she misses a goal, she stomps off the field in petulant outbursts. (angry, moody)

She had to leave because she could no longer put up with her boyfriend's childish petulance. (crankiness, crabbiness, moodiness) noun

Whenever I'm really hungry, I tend to get petulant and irritable. (moody, grouchy, crabby)

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