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noun, adjective

Definition: (n.) 1. a comparison between two things; 2. something very similar to something else; 3. a line or plane that is the same distance apart from another at all points; 4. imaginary line on the earth's surface, running parallel to the equator, that represents the degrees of latitude; (adj.) 1. relating to two lines or planes running the same distance apart and never meeting; 2. having similarities or shared characteristics

Synonyms: (n.) comparison, similarity, equivalent, counterpart, corollary, coordinate, latitude, (adj.) corresponding, concurrent, even, similar, comperable

Antonyms: (adj.) different, dissimilar, (n.) difference, opposite

Tips: To draw a parallel between two things means "to draw a comparison." If something is a parallel to something else, the two things are very similar and have much in common. In Geometry, parallel lines have equal space between them for the distance of the lines (parallel lines will never cross). All uses of parallel draw from this idea of two like lines with the same path.

Usage Examples:

I don't know why she always tries to draw parallels between us; I think we're completely different. (comparisons, similarities) noun

There were no obvious parallels between the two advertisements, yet they both fit well within our marketing efforts. (similarities, corollaries) noun

There are no parallels between the two teams; they're as different as can be. (similarities, comparisons) noun

I know you think your issues are unique, but I could easily draw a parallel between my situation and yours. (comparison, corollary) noun

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