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Definition: 1. an introduction; 2. an action made to gain a favorable response; 3. the introductory section of a piece of literature or music

Synonyms: introduction, initiation, proposal, proposition, offer, invitation, advance, approach, prologue

Antonyms: close, conclusion, rescission, epilogue

Tips: Overture is derived from the French overture, "opening, proposal." When negotiating, an overture is your opening proposal or offer to try to induce the other party to come to the negotiating table. Overture has come to mean any action or offering used to win the favor or support of someone. Informally, overture can refer to a sexual advance or sexual interest.

Usage Examples:

The company executives made an overture to the union members by offering to increase their healthcare benefits in exchange for a moratorium on pay raises. (offer to gain favor, proposition)

After months of not speaking to one another, she sent her old friend flowers as an overture to rekindle their friendship. (initiation, advance)

After reading the overture of the book, I became very interested in what the plot would entail. (prologue, introduction)

He better not have made an overture to my girlfriend! (proposition, advance, show of sexual interest)

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