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adjective, verb

Definition: (adj.) 1. unclear, unknown, or difficult to distinguish; 2. dark or hidden; (v.) to make less visible or unclear

Synonyms: (adj.) unclear, ambiguous, unknown, cloudy, hazy, dark, dim, hidden, vague, indistinct, obfuscated, (v.) hide, conceal, dim, darken, screen

Antonyms: (adj.) clear, distinct, (v.) clarify, elucidate

Tips: Obscure comes from the Latin root scurus, "covered." Something obscure is often hidden or hard to detect. Generally, anything that is unclear, hard to find or figure out, or not widely known can be described as obscure. The verb obscure means "to darken something or make it less distinct or understandable."

Usage Examples:

This beautiful sculpture was created by an obscure artist from a small town, but I'm sure he'll be famous some day. (unknown) adjective

Lawyers are expected to interpret obscure sections of legal code. (unclear) adjective

Don't let your emotions obscure your best judgment. (dim, screen, make unclear) verb

The directions he gave us are so obscure, I'm not sure we'll be able to find the place. (vague, unclear) adjective

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