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Definition: 1. to fit snugly together or inside one another; 2. to make a comfortable home or make oneself comfortable; 3. to occupy a nest and rear children

Synonyms: embed, fit, nestle, burrow


Tips: In addition to the verb usage, nest is also a noun, most notably used to denote the home birds make for themselves. The word originates from an Indo-European word which meant, "a place where a bird sits down," and thus, has more broadly come to mean, "a resting place." When someone is nesting, he or she is preparing to rest or relax comfortably. You have probably heard the phrase "nest egg," which refers to a person's investments, set aside for retirement. The idea is that you hope to be able to "rest" and take it easy once your nest-egg has grown and is ready to provide a comfortable nest or retirement. For the GRE exam, the verb usage of the word nest is most important.

Usage Examples:

I love to watch the little birds nesting outside my window. (building a home)

You can nest those bowls inside one another. (fit, embed)

The young couple is decorating the nursery and nesting in preparation for their baby. (making a comfortable home)

Barn owls like to nest in old farm buildings. (make their homes)

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