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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) 1. a low, unclear sound; 2. a quiet complaint; 3. an abnormal sound of the heart; (v.) 1. to make a low, unclear, continuous sound; 2. to complain in a quiet or discreet way; 3. to speak very softly or unclearly

Synonyms: (n.) grumbling, complaint, lament, gripe, (v.) mumble, mutter


Tips: Murmur is a word that, when spoken, sounds like what it means. It's an indistinct sound, often uttered under one's breath. The noun murmur usually describes a soft and hard-to-hear sound. The verb murmur usually refers to someone speaking or complaining in a low tone.

Usage Examples:

A murmur of complaint was heard from the audience when the sound system failed. (mutter, grumbling) noun

She murmured something under her breath when the teacher handed out the homework assignment. (muttered, mumbled) verb

The murmur of a distant siren could be heard for miles. (low, consistent sound) noun

The sleepy girl murmured good-night as her mother tucked her into bed. (mumbled, muttered) verb

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