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Definition: 1. ordinary or commonplace; 2. relating to or of the world

Synonyms: ordinary, commonplace, banal, everyday, dull, earthly

Antonyms: unusual, rare, extraordinary, heavenly

Tips: Mundane is derived from the Latin mudus, meaning "world." Mundane refers to that which is worldly, earthly, and commonplace. Although mundane is often considered simply a synonym for words like boring, commonplace, banal, and prosaic, it should refer more to worldly or earthly matters vs. spiritual or heavenly. Nonetheless, mundane is most often used to describe boring, commonplace activities like paying the bills, cleaning, going to the grocery store, etc. For a memory trick, note how mundane sounds like "Monday." Now, consider how mundane Mondays tend to be. On Mondays, you often have to do the most mundane activities of the week, whether it's at work, school, or home.

Usage Examples:

Until he started taking sailing lessons, his life consisted only of the same, mundane routine. (ordinary, banal)

Despite the fact that her office cubicle was rather mundane, Laura enjoyed having her own semi-private space in which to work. (commonplace, dull)

Many people were shocked to hear that the rock star actually lived a very mundane lifestyle, off stage. (ordinary)

I don't like to waste my time worrying about mundane affairs like politics; I prefer to study religion and more spiritual matters. (worldly, earthly)

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