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Definition: 1. unvaried in tone; 2. repetitious and boring

Synonyms: dull, boring, droning, unchanging, tedious, repetitious, routine

Antonyms: varied, exciting, interesting

Tips: The adjective monotonous comes from the word monotone, "one tone." If a speaker's voice is monotonous, it doesn't vary in tone or pitch and can become very boring to listen to. Likewise, a task that is very repetitive and boring can be described as monotonous. The related noun monotony refers to sameness or boredom.

Usage Examples:

When my job began to seem monotonous, I began my search for something more interesting and challenging. (dull, routine)

Larry's voice was so monotonous, no one paid attention to anything he said because they were all so bored. (droning, boring)

The monotony of my day left me feeling bored and unchallenged. (sameness, routine, boredom) noun

I thought the job would be monotonous, but it actually turned out to be rather interesting. (dull, boring, unchanging)

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