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noun, adjective

Definition: (n.) 1. someone who is independent and not a follower; 2. a calf that has lost its mother, or any unbranded herd animal; (adj.) independent in one's thoughts or actions

Synonyms: (n.) individualist, nonconformist, dissident, trailblazer, heretic, rebel, renegade, (adj.) individual, eccentric

Antonyms: conformist, follower

Tips: Maverick is most likely derived from the name of Samuel Maverick, a Texas pioneer famous for not branding his cattle. For a memory trick, think of Tom Cruise's character in Top Gun, whose nickname was Maverick. He was a true maverick, as he had an independant spirit and often broke rules, which is not something that's done in the military.

Usage Examples:

He was a real maverick, shirking many traditional responsibilities in order to do what he wanted with his life. (nonconformist) noun

Hugh Hefner was considered a maverick in the publishing industry when he founded Playboy magazine. (nonconformists, trailblazers) noun

The shepherd found a maverick lamb that had wandered from its herd, so he took it in with his sheep until he could find out where it came from. (individual, lost, orphan) adjective

The maverick governor refused to pander to his constituents and was not afraid to speak his mind. (individual, nonconformist) adjective

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