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verb, adjective

Definition: (v.) 1. to display or exhibit something, or show evidence for; 2. to appear; 3. to make something clear, known, or revealed; 4. to record items on a shipment list; (adj.) very clear or easy to understand

Synonyms: (v.) show, display, exhibit, reveal, demonstrate, prove, (adj.) obvious, apparent, clear, unmistakable, evident

Antonyms: (v.) hide, conceal, (adj.) hidden, concealed

Tips: The Latin origin of the word manifest, manifestus, literally meant "caught in the act." Something described as manifest is clear and unmistakable. Thus, the familiar term "manifest destiny" refers to a clear, obvious, and inevitable future. As a verb, manifest is used in place of appear, reveal, show, or display, as a more sophisticated and precise way of denoting these actions. Manifest is a very powerful verb. When the word manifest is used as a noun, it refers to the cargo list of a plane or ship, or it can refer to the actual cargo itself.

Usage Examples:

The union workers elected to manifest their dissatisfaction in a series of strikes. (present, display, show) adjective

His talent manifested itself in the performance. (revealed, showed) verb

The signs of aging were beginning to manifest themselves, and the model knew she would soon have to retire. (show, reveal, exhibit) verb

The singer's extraordinary number of album sales last month manifests her popularity. (proves, demonstrates) verb

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