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Definition: 1. lacking energy and spirit; 2. slow moving

Synonyms: sluggish, listless, lethargic, lazy, lackadaisical, inactive, unhurried, leisurely, indifferent

Antonyms: active, spirited, energetic, lively

Tips: Languid originates from the Latin word languere, "to feel weak or faint." Languid is a great way to describe someone who is slow, lazy, and lethargic. The related verb languish means "to be neglected or deprived" or "to steadily decline."

Usage Examples:

During the hot and languid summer, the kids slept in and spent numerous hours sitting leisurely by the pool. (lazy, unhurried, leisurely)

It was clear by his languid demeanor that he was no longer interested in his work. (indifferent, lackadaisical, listless)

He had been languid for several months, and his waistline showed it. (inactive, lazy)

She allowed her language skills to languish for many years, and it took some time for her Spanish to come back to her. (decline, be neglected) verb

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