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Definition: showing sound judgment, wisdom, good sense, or discretion, often with the underlying aim of avoiding trouble or waste

Synonyms: prudent, practical, sagacious, informed, sensible, keen, wise, rational, sound, reasonable, discerning

Antonyms: imprudent, illogical, foolish

Tips: Think of the related verb judge, which means "to form an opinion." Judicious describes someone who judges things well. The adverb, judiciously, describes wise or prudent actions. If you are judicious, you think through ideas carefully and completely; just like a judge deliberates before making a ruling. Judicious is synonymous with sagacious and discerning. If you are judicious, you think things through, like a judge--you analyze all of the facts and come to a smart and fair decision. If you are sagacious, you are wise and able to almost see into the future--you have a keen sense and ability to anticipate issues and plan accordingly. If you are discerning, you know how to sift through different options and select the correct or best one. Judicious is also synonymous with prudent. See prudent for additional analysis.

Usage Examples:

Because of the budget crisis, the official had to make sure available funds were distributed judiciously. (prudently, reasonably) adverb

The arbiter always looked for judicious solutions to the problems that came before her. (prudent, reasonable)

I've always appreciated the judicious way in which he solves disputes with clients. (sensible, practical)

I hope that when our son goes away to college, he will make judicious decisions benefiting his future, rather than party like an animal and take his education for granted. (prudent, wise, sagacious, sensible)

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