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Definition: 1. dulled through repetition or excess; 2. no longer interested in something, often because of having been overexposed to it; 3. exhausted from overwork or overexposure; 4. hardened, insensitive, or dispassionate due to unpleasant experience

Synonyms: disenchanted, weary, surfeited, sated, blasť, tired, worn out, spent, impassive, bored, numbed, pessimistic, callous, hardened

Antonyms: refreshed, renewed, excited

Tips: Jade used to be the name for an old horse, especially one that is worn out through overwork. This same connotation is seen in the adjective jaded. Jaded is an adjective used to describe emotions felt from being overexposed to something. For example, it would be easy to see how people would get jaded on politics if they lived and worked in the political arena their whole life. Jaded is also used to describe boredom or weariness from something that has lost its original appeal. For example: "flying is fun and exciting the first few times, but you quickly become jaded from the exhaustion of travel."

Usage Examples:

Looking for something to renew his spirit and refresh his zest for life, the jaded executive decided to embark on a sailing trip around the world. (worn out, disenchanted, bored)

When I was a young business professiona,l I used to love to travel; now, I'm somewhat jaded about traveling and try to limit the amount of time I spend away from my family. (wearied, spent, disenchanted)

The presidentís speech on the future of the company was not very optimistic; it left the employees jaded and depressed. (disenchanted, wearied)

He has been through so much hardship in his life that his views of the world are quite jaded. (pessimistic, impassive, blasť)

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