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Definition: 1. not important; 2. not related to what is being considered or discussed

Synonyms: immaterial, unnecessary, unimportant, unrelated, unconnected, impertinent

Antonyms: connected, relevant, essential

Tips: Think of the root word relevant, which means "related to the subject under consideration." Adding the prefix ir- makes the root word have the opposite meaning. Therefore, irrelevant describes things unrelated or unimportant to the subject under consideration.

Usage Examples:

Your opinion is irrelevant because I've already made up my mind. (unimportant, immaterial)

We were talking about baseball, so her comment about Shaquille O'Neal was completely irrelevant. (unrelated)

The older child felt irrelevant after the baby was born. (unimportant)

The documentation you have presented is irrelevant and has no connection to this case. (immaterial, unrelated, unnecessary)

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