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Definition: 1. to become used to something unpleasant by repeated experiences with it; 2. to become effective or come into use or operation

Synonyms: adapt, accustom, habituate, familiarize, adjust, acclimate, condition


Tips: Inure is derived from the Anglo-Norman eneurer, which means, "to accustom by use." To be inured to something means you have become accustomed to it by experiencing it often. Note: inure usually refers to becoming used to something difficult or unpleasant. Inure is a more sophisticated way of saying "getting used to or accustomed to." It can also be used to refer to something which has become useful or has just come into operation, as in: "My access to my trust fund won't inure until my twenty-fifth birthday."

Usage Examples:

People on reality shows must eventually become inured to the lack of privacy. (accustomed, conditioned)

After spending weeks in the desert, he was inured to the heat. (acclimated, adapted)

At first I thought I was going to become claustrophobic, but eventually I became inured to the cramped cubicle at my new job. (habituated, accustomed)

I became inured to her criticism, and after a while, I almost stopped hearing it. (adapted, accustomed)

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