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Definition: known by insight, nature, or intuition, rather than by reason or rationality

Synonyms: instinctive, perceptive, innate, natural

Antonyms: learned

Tips: Intuitive is related to the word intuition, which refers to having the knowledge of something, without having to learn it or discover it. It often connotes the idea of instinct. If something is intuitive, it is easy to understand without much study. For example, software companies strive to make computer software as intuitive (easy to learn) as possible.

Usage Examples:

A mother's understanding of her child's needs is often intuitive. (instinctive)

He asked me how I knew the answer to his question, and I told him that it was intuitive. (natural, instinctive)

This software is so intuitive and easy to use, even my technologically inept mother was able to use it. (instinctive)

She had an uneasy feeling walking home that night, and since her intuition was usually right, she stopped by a friendís house on the way. (hunch, instinct) noun

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