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Definition: 1. not existing in a physical form--incapable to being touched or seen; 2. difficult to define or describe clearly, but nonetheless perceived

Synonyms: imperceptible, indefinite, abstract, immaterial, incorporeal, indeterminate

Antonyms: tangible, substantial, physical, material

Tips: Intangible is derived from the Latin in tangere, which combines the prefix in-, "not" with tangere, "to touch." Something intangible cannot be touched because it does not exist in a describable, physical form. An emotion, for example, is something intangible; it exists and is real, but can't be touched physically. Intangible can also be a noun and refers to things that can not be quantified because they are not physical or material. See also: tangible.

Usage Examples:

He received the football scholarship not only for his performance, but also because he possesses the intangible qualities that make a champion. (abstract, incorporeal)

Charisma and gumption are some of the intangibles that we are looking for in an employee. (qualities, characteristics) noun

The company's greatest intangible asset is its high company morale. (indefinite, immaterial)

She had an intangible feeling that something was wrong, but she couldn't put her finger on it. (indefinite, indeterminate)

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