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Definition: 1. to protect something or prevent the transfer to heat, cold, or sound by surrounding it in insulating materials; 2. to isolate or set apart

Synonyms: cover, protect, cushion, encase, shield, isolate, separate, sequester

Antonyms: expose

Tips: Insulate is derived from the Latin insula, "island." Think of the way an island stands alone in the middle of the ocean. A person who insulates him or her self tries to be isolated from others or from something potential harmful or hurtful. To insulate is essentially to protect from harm or damage. The noun insulation is the act of protecting something or the state of being isolated or protected. Insulation also denotes a material used to prevent the transmission of heat or electricity.

Usage Examples:

He left the country on vacation in order to insulate himself from the negative publicity surrounding the scandal. (protect, shield)

Itís impossible to insulate your children from all the violence and strong language in todayís media. (shield, protect)

The builders used high-tech insulation to prevent the house from becoming too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. (covering, protection, encasement) noun

Kate insulated herself from office politics by not socializing with her coworkers and only talking about business when at work. (separated, shielded)

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