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Definition: mysterious and not easily analyzed or understood

Synonyms: mysterious, hidden, ambiguous, obscure, perplexing, cryptic, inexplicable, unfathomable

Antonyms: evident, plain, understandable

Tips: Inscrutable is often used to describe a person or a person's facial expressions. To remember the word, think of the related verb scrutinize, which means "to examine something in order to gain information." Inscrutable people cannot easily be scrutinized because they are mysterious and hard to analyze.

Usage Examples:

Her inscrutable smile left him guessing about what she wanted. (mysterious)

When playing poker, it is advantageous to have slick, inscrutable expressions that won't give away your hand. (ambiguous)

The inscrutable message had me completely perplexed. (mysterious, cryptic)

His inscrutable behavior left everyone guessing if there was something wrong with him. (perplexing, inexplicable)

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