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Definition: 1. part of the essential character; 2. in the nature of something; 3. unable to be considered separately from the nature of something because of being innate or characteristic

Synonyms: intrinsic, inborn, fundamental, innate, implicit, ingrained, natural, underlying

Antonyms: extrinsic, extraneous, external, incidental, adventitious

Tips: Something inherent is "in the nature" of something or someone. (i.e: The inherent risk of investing in stocks is just a natural part of investing.) Inherent is similar in meaning to innate and intrinsic. See intrinsic for a detailed analysis.

Usage Examples:

She is a great human resources manager because she has an inherent ability to solve inter-personal conflicts and allay employee concerns. (natural, innate)

The archeologists knew there would be inherent obstacles in searching for artifacts on Native American land. (fundamental, intrinsic)

Board members carry an inherent risk that they may be sued if they donít support their companyís best interests. (intrinsic, underlying)

There are inherent difficulties in online customer care. (intrinsic, fundamental)

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