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Definition: 1. not clearly outlined or separable; 2. not clearly understood or perceived

Synonyms: unclear, vague, fuzzy, blurred, faint, dimmed, uncertain, obscure, nebulous, indefinite

Antonyms: clear, obvious, definite,

Tips: The related noun distinction denotes a distinguishing difference or quality, while the related adjective distinct means something is apparently discernible. When you add the negative in-, "not," indistinct acts as its opposite; it is something unclear.

Usage Examples:

Although the eye surgery was considered a success, the man could still only see indistinct images. (blurred)

She is praised for her paintings, which usually include blurred colors and indistinct images. (vague, obscure)

Her eyes are a rather indistinct color-- somewhere between blue and gray. (indefinite)

I knew that the indistinct shadows in the dark water below me were sharks. (faint, fuzzy, nebulous)

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