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Definition: 1. unable or unwilling to believe something; 2. showing complete disbelief

Synonyms: unbelieving, skeptical, doubtful, dubious, suspicious, questioning

Antonyms: credulous, gullible, believing

Tips: The root of the word incredulous is credulous, which is derived from the Latin word credo, literally "I believe." Think of creed, which has the same Latin origin and means "belief." Someone credulous is very open to believing almost anything (gullible). When you add the negative in-, which means "not," incredulous means "not believing or finding something not credible." The related noun incredulity denotes disbelief.

Usage Examples:

The employees were incredulous when they heard their CEO was indicted for fraud, because everyone who worked with the CEO trusted him implicitly. (unbelieving, suspicious)

Most people where incredulous when the politician conveniently failed to recall any of her previous dealings with her largest contributor. (suspicious, skeptical)

He felt a sense of incredulity at the notion that somebody could steal from the company. (disbelief) noun

The straight-A student was incredulous when she received a failing grade on her term paper. (disbelieving, questioning)

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