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Definition: 1. not important or relevant--silly; 2. insubstantial or empty

Synonyms: stupid, empty, insubstantial, silly, mindless, illogical, ridiculous, foolish, pointless

Antonyms: logical, reasonable, important

Tips: Inane is derived from the Latin inanis, which means "empty, worthless." Think, "empty." Inane describes things that are empty of substance or importance. Inane is similar to the words asinine and insipid. All three words are critiques with slightly different application: Asinine is more harsh and refers to someone lacking intelligence--it is a more sophisticated way of calling someone or something "stupid." Insipid comes from a Latin word which means "flavorless." Use insipid to comment on something dull, boring, and silly. Finally, inane should be used to describe something lacking substance, a waste of time, or not thought through. Inane is less severe than asinine. Inane is also related to the word vacuous, which has a similar Latin origin meaning empty and void.

Usage Examples:

She loves to watch those inane reality shows every night. (silly, mindless, ridiculous)

At the party, I somehow got trapped in an inane conversation about the weather. (mindless, empty)

He loved to pull inane pranks on his friends. (ridiculous, silly, stupid)

His inane ideas had nothing to do with the meeting, and he wasted everyone’s time with his foolishness. (illogical, foolish)

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