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Definition: done unintentionally or carelessly

Synonyms: unintentional, unplanned, careless, heedless

Antonyms: advertent, planned

Tips: The word inadvertent is formed from in-, "not" and advertere, "to turn the mind to." When your mind is not turned to what it is you're doing, you may make unintentional, inadvertent mistakes. Inadvertent is usually used to describe mistakes made because of carelessness: "She inadvertently knocked over the vase when she turned around with her arms carelessly in the air."

Usage Examples:

It was an inadvertent mistake, and Iím very sorry, but berating me wonít help make it right. (unintentional, careless)

I inadvertently overheard the CEO talking about shutting down some of our offices, and Iím worried that there may be layoffs involved. (unintentionally) adverb

If you don't pay attention to what you're doing you're more likely to make inadvertent mistakes. (careless, heedless)

The inadvertent error cost them several days of extra work. (careless, unintentional)

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