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Definition: 1. to submerge, especially in a liquid; 2. to absorb, engross, or take someone's full attention

Synonyms: submerge, dip, plunge, dunk, engross, engage, absorb, enthrall, consume

Antonyms: uncover, bore

Tips: Immerse is often used figuratively to describe someone "diving" into a subject or being completely consumed by a subject, similar to how you are completely consumed by water if you jump into a pool. In a religious context, the word immerse is used during baptism.

Usage Examples:

The young boy was completely immersed in his new book and did not hear his mother calling. (engaged, engrossed)

You must immerse this teabag in hot water for several minutes in order to get the best flavor from it. (submerge, dunk)

She checked out some books from the library and immersed herself in Italian history to prepare for her upcoming trip. (engrossed, plunged)

Are you supposed to immerse the clams before or after the water begins boiling? (plunge, dip, submerge)

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