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Definition: a complicated, sometimes emotionally charged, situation involving intrigue and misunderstanding

Synonyms: predicament, tangle, snarl, dispute, mess


Tips: Imbroglio comes from the Italian imbrogliare, "to mix up." Think of something mixed up and tangled. Imbroglios often result from mix-ups, mishaps, and misunderstandings.

Usage Examples:

The play is a comedy about an imbroglio that develops, among a cast of characters who are unknowingly in love with one another, in a complicated, hilarious pattern. (mess, tangle, predicament)

The imbroglio in the Middle East was caused by a lack of clear communication and fear. (mess, predicament)

My daughter and her friends in the neighborhood are constantly in a state of imbroglio, with one group angry with the other or vice versa. (mix-up, misunderstanding)

Land developers and environmentalists are always in some type of imbroglio over new construction plans. (quarrel, dispute)

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