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Definition: 1. shameful, dishonorable, or morally bad; 2. not of noble birth

Synonyms: dishonorable, shameful, ignominious, disgraceful, vulgar, base

Antonyms: noble, honorable

Tips: Ignoble comes from the French and literally means "not noble." People born of the lower classes were thought to be less honorable, thus the second definition for ignoble came about. Use ignoble to describe someone who is acting beneath what is considered honorable or noble and should be ashamed of their actions.

Usage Examples:

His mother thought that playing the piano in a bar was an ignoble use of his talents. (shameful, disgraceful)

The ignoble young man never bothered to show respect to his elders and defied most common manners. (vulgar, dishonorable)

I thought his actions were quite ignoble, especially considering that he is a Prince, with "noble" blood. (shameful, vulgar)

The twins are an odd dichotomy; one is urbane and sophisticated, while the other is ignoble and vulgar. (unsophisticated, base)

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